I am afraid

"  I'm not afraid of heights,
I'm afraid of falling.

I'm not afraid of the dark,
I'm afraid of what's in it.

I'm not afraid of love,
I'm afraid of not being loved back.  "

That's above are just afraid because Love between human. Now on I'm afraid become human. 

Did you 
 afraid being human who always made a big sins in Allah creations? 
Did you afraid to being human who will changes what Allah have been create beautiful for stupid us? 
Did you afraid being dirty person and dirty heart who have been created you to being nice and soleh person since you were born
Did you afraid being human who are not bringing Deen till Jannah?
Did you afraid being human who never say thankful or Alhamdulillah in every second?
Did you afraid being a worst human in this world?


Are you afraid of all this? I think just a several who have that feelings. 

Are you proud of yourself in the temporal world, in the small world, in the small things? Are you proud of it? If you afraid of Allah please say 'No'. 

I'm afraid of you, Ya Allah. 
I'm afraid of being worst human.
I'm afraid of Sin's.
I'm afraid to falling in love with human.
I'm afraid because I'm just small creatures. 
I'm afraid of the small world.
I'm afraid of my Deen.
I'm afraid of everything without Allah.

I'm afraid to falling in love with a guy because I haven't find your truly love. It's a deep Deen. Love of Allah. And I'm afraid because when I really love someOne, I will put someone more then Allah. I'm afraid. 

I'm afraid of all of this, because I'm just dwarf, the small small small creatures. 

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